6 tips for a smoke-free life
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Stopping smoking | stop smoking tips
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Stopping smoking | stop smoking tips

Giving up smoking is so hard because of the nicotine addiction that goes hand in hand with the habit. The obvious way to help you give up is to get help weaning your body off the drug.

There is a huge range of nicotine supplements to choose from, including patches, chewing gums and sprays.

But Dr.Hilary says these things aren't enough on their own. It is also about working them into the rest of your lifestyle changes. "They have good track records, they aren’t 100 percent successful by any means but they help in conjunction with the other things like counselling and replacement therapies."

Quitting smoking is never easy, and there is no quick fix, but a combined approach of lifestyle changes, nicotine supplements and self motivation can get you there.

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