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SAD and the secrets of Serotonin
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Who can be affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)


SAD can trigger bouts of loneliness and depression. © GOODSHOOT / Jupiterimages
Seasonal Affective Disorder most often occurs in children, teenagers, and women. In fact around 80% of people who suffer from SAD are women.

 ‘Single people are particularly susceptible to winter blues,’ says Dr Gian Gonzaga, relationship scientist for eHarmony.co.uk. ‘The long winter can spark feelings of loneliness.

'For couples, feelings of spontaneity and fun could be stifled, putting pressure on their relationship.’

Other factors that make people more susceptible include genetics, damage to the immune system and neurotoxin damage, such as that caused by alcohol.

Long-term stress, OCD, Tinnitus and IBS have all shown themselves to be triggers.



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