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Running Tips
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Running Tips

There are many different elements to running: speed, endurance and fat burning are but a few of them. Before you begin a running routine, it's good to know what you want to focus on.

Christine's tip is to break it all down and look at what you want to achieve one by one. 

If you're looking at going the distance with marathons, half marathons and even 10K's in sight then you want to concentrate on your endurance. Try to get past that lactic barrier, once you push through this you will be able to handle anything that the road throws at you.  

"You might have sessions that will induce a lot of lactic acid so that’s a lot of allowing your muscles to get used to that and get yourself mentally used to the fact that it will hurt," says Christine. 

Whereas if you're wanting to concentrate on your speed then Christine says that intervals and short "one off sprint sessions" are a good way to begin. 

You can also combine your running with a bit of resistance and weight work for a targeted tone-up.

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