Summer beach bodies: be as sexy as a surfer
Surfing fit
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Surfing fit

The Roxy Beach Body Workout gave me a real overhaul. 'You may not feel it today but you'll feel it tomorrow' says Gillian.

She's not wrong there! But as I drag aching limbs back into the office, I remind myself of why I'm doing this.

Surfing is so much fun and it's an excellent way to stay in shape. I wonder why more women aren't getting involved in the sport? 'It's part fitness, part self-belief and part confidence' says Roxy surfer, Candice O'Donnell. 'Doing these workouts will help though' she adds.

Upper body strength is also an issue for many women. It takes a fair bit of power to hoist your body from flat to standing and a lot of core strength, balance and stability to stay upright once you're on the board.

'Women worry that weight training will give them big arms' says Gillian, 'but it's impossible! We don't have the testosterone to ever build that kind of muscle without taking additional hormones. Just look at the girl surfers like Candice, they're so lean!'

I'm sold. I want to be like Candice. Sod the office, I'm going surfing!

Image: Candice tries the Gliding Discs

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