Summer beach bodies: be as sexy as a surfer
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The novelty of using new equipment and learning new moves has us all thorougly engaged in the workout. They've chosen the tunes well too. Balearic beats are hardly what you associate with surf culture but it's a welcome source of motivation for aching muscles.

As the workout enters into the cool down section the tunes change to 'chill out' too.

Though the moves in this portion of the Roxy Beach Body workout are inspired by Yoga they are not called asanas or poses.

The cool-down is a killer but it feels wonderful to really stretch your muscles after the intensity of the workout. Naturally you don't have to push yourself so far. You work at your own pace so 'it's suitable for anyone' says Gillian.

Even Candice appears to be struggling a bit with the stretching. 'I've been really ill' she tells me. As a surfer she's usually in the water everyday and you can see she's longing to get back to the sea. 'This is a great way to work out though' she says, 'it really concentrates on your core'.

Image: wewomen editor, Anna-Belle loving the Yoga poses

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