Summer beach bodies: be as sexy as a surfer
Warm Up, Circuits
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Warm Up, Circuits

The hour-long Roxy Beach Body Workout starts off with a warm up and before long we're all red in the face and puffing... with the exception of Candice who looks composed and cool. If you need any further inspiration for getting as fit as a surfer then you've just found it.

Next up is circuits. A minute and a half is spent on each exercise at each station dotted around the room. The exercises and equipment can change week to week: ''You've got to mix it up', says Gillian, 'Keep your body guessing and challenge it again and again'.

We use:

BOSU® - domes of moulded rubber, like gym-balls cut in half. These are balanced on to improve core stability and used for crunches.

ViPR - weighted rubber tubes which employ the whole body as they're lifted or moved about (pictured).

Gliding Discs - used to lengthen and strengthen the major muscles as they're pushed or pulled across the floor with hands or feet.

Body Weight - using our own body weight as resistance for push ups and core work.

Image: Candice works the ViPR

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