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Post-holiday blues: how to make your holiday mood last
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Freshen up your home to keep it looking summery


© 3 Suisses
© 3 Suisses

Home sweet home? After having the run of a rambling country house or holiday home with a pool and sun-drenched terrace, coming home to your humble abode can be tough. Here's how to make it more summery...

1- Pay attention to detail. You don't need to be Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen to freshen up your interior. A few little touches here and there can soon give your home a holiday feel: try putting a hammock in your bedroom, sarongs and drapes on your sofa, tropical scented candles everywhere and deckchairs on your balcony, if you have one.

2- Make your bathroom 5*. Don't you just love the luxuriously soft towels, giant cuddly dressing gowns, beautiful scented soaps and pretty miniatures you get in hotel rooms and holiday apartments? Treat yourself to the same in your bathroom: fill baskets with bottles and sachets of shampoo, shower gel and products acquired from hotel rooms, wrap yourself in sweet-smelling towels warm and fresh from the dryer, and light scented candles for a bit of ambience.

3 Easy on the alarm. You haven't got the noise of the cockerel crowing or the waves lapping to wake you up any more, so invest in a dawn stimulator alarm clock which fills the room with light gradually to wake you gently, or an alarm that wakes you with soft, natural sounds. Being gently extracted from your bed can completely change your day. For more information on dawn stimulators, see www.lumie.com

4- Go green. You've spent your hols enjoying the countryside, so get a bit of greenery into your home and garden: plant tomatoes and courgettes, make a compost heap, grow plants in your house, or even go one better and see if you can get an allotment. Ask your local council where the nearest allotments are, and check out www.nsalg.org.uk for more information.

5- Display your holiday memories. Put your photos, momentos and souvenirs on display, or devote a whole wall to your various holiday photos and have fun arranging all your holiday snaps from years back.


Sarah Horrocks
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