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Post-holiday blues: how to make your holiday mood last
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Go back to work happy and refreshed


The office is no replacement for an expanse of white sand and blue sea, but sunbathing never earned anyone a living...here's how to stay positive and make the return to your desk that little bit easier.

1- Book your next holiday (or at least your next day off). Plan your next hol, long weekend or day off so you have something to look forward to and focus on.

2- Get up early. Make like you do on holiday and have a long, lazy breakfast. Have your morning cuppa and toast (or hot chocolate and croissant, for memory's sake) on the patio and imagine yourself back in the Med.

3- Re-read your holiday books. Enjoy your favourite holiday books instead of depressing yourself flicking through celeb magazines. You can do without knowing what Britney's been up to while you've been away.

4- Picnic! Drag your workmates out to the park or riverbank and have your lunch alfresco under the sun instead of under the neon lighting of the office canteen.

5- Make the most of your lunch hour. When you're not picnicking, make the most of your lunch hour instead of being drawn back to your desk the minute you've digested your sandwiches. Hit the gym or swimming pool, go for walks or take a tour round the shops. Get away from your desk for your allotted 60 minutes and you'll feel 100% better.


Sarah Horrocks
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