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Post-holiday blues: how to make your holiday mood last
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Expert advice on spending more time with your children


When we're on holiday we spend more time observing children and understand their needs better. Carry on helping them use their creativity, develop their imagination and keep family communication strong.

Stay close to each other by playing games and going for walks together. Give your children new responsibilities for their respective ages, such as laying the table or fetching the mail. They'll enjoy helping you out.

If they're addicted to computer games, join in now and then so that they don't get trapped in a completely virtual world.

And if you struggle to get your children to talk about their day, try telling them about yours first instead of launching into "Did you have a good day?" as soon as they get home.

Don't turn straight back into a frantic mother hen as soon as you get back. Don't just focus on the 'bad' things such as homework, school marks and the state of your kids' bedrooms. You'll only give everyone more reasons for wishing they were still on holiday!

Tip: Avoid the hellish trawl round the supermarket on Saturday afternoons with kids in tow. Have a quick stop at the market for essentials, do your food shopping online and get home delivery to make your life easier and avoid tantrums in the sweetie aisle!


Sarah Horrocks
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