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PMT: period symptoms we could do without
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PMT treatments, PMS treatments, medicine for PMT


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There are no medications that fully conquer all the symptoms of PMT, yet.

If you suffer severely some doctors may recommend treatment with an oral contraceptive pill.

Note that some pills are more suitable than others to deal with this problem.

Some doctors will prescribe veinotonic medication to sever cases. Very rarely, anxiolytics or antidepressants may also be prescribed.

Each individual is unique, so if your doctor has prescribed this type of medication it is because they have seen fit to do so.

Never self-medicate with any kind of psychotropic drug to try and combat PMT. This medicine may be too "heavy" for your symptoms, and there are more appropriate ways to address them.

The best way to take charge of your symptoms is to talk to your doctor or gynecologist.


Treating stomach cramps
However, painkillers or anti-inflammatories can help with cramps. A simple paracetamol might help but if you want something more targetted try Feminax.

Treating back ache
If you have back ache regularly then see a chiropractor or osteopath to ensure you don't have an underlying physical issue that they can treat. In the meantime anti-inflammatories may help. Don't mix your drugs though - if you're already treating cramps or a headache then you shouldn't take additional pills.

Treating headaches
A regular painkiller can help relieve headaches but if you're suffering from migranes see your doctor for stronger medication such as Zomig® - a prescription only pill. Make sure you do not take any other mediciation while taking these pills.

Treating diarrhea
Make sure you stay hydrated! Put a sachet of Dioralyte (rehydration powder) into water and sip slowly to replace lost fluids after each bout of diarrhea.


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