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Nordic Walking: A guide to Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking: A guide to Nordic Walking


Nordic Walking technique

Nordic Walking technique: Good for toning up limbs © iStockphoto
Nordic Walking technique: Good for toning up limbs © iStockphoto
The Nordic Walking technique uses poles to help create resistance and keep your arms engaged during exercise.

Beverley Boon from Try Nordic likens it to a cross training session.

She says: "Using poles held at a specific angle you propel yourself forward taking weight out of your joints and transferring it to your upper body, which helps to propel you forward. Once you have mastered the art you can walk much further with less effort."

What's more this style of walking uses 90 per cent of your major muscles helping to burn off more calories.

Gill Stewart, Programs Director at Nordic Walking UK says: "It tones the whole body and takes the pressure off of joints. It is also good for the back, neck and shoulders and a very safe way to exercise."

If you've got an existing injury or weak back or knee problems then the Nordic Walking technique is ideal, as it eliviates the strain on these areas while giving you a full body work-out.

Fellow Nordic Walking expert Russell Thompson says: "It's is a low impact sport that gives the person involved the opportunity to exercise whilst on the move and enjoy their surroundings."

"It is suitable for any age and because it is low impact it's great if you are rehabilitating from an injury. You can also chat or just enjoy the scenery with people or on your own. If you haven't exercised for a considerable amount of time, in conjunction with a doctors advice, it's a great way to getting back into sport."

Gill says that the Nordic Walking technique is even used for performance training for athletes, and is often a sport that is best done in a group.

You don't have to live in the countryside either Gill says: "It can be done anywhere - urban or rural. there are groups all over the UK in city parks, on beaches, in forests and in the mountains."


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