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What does it do? A treadmill reproduces the natural movement of walking or running. You can use them to 'go for a jog' without risking damage to your joints (they contain shock-absorber systems) or getting rained on! Working out at home watching your favourite soap whilst it's pouring down outside - now that's luxury! The key benefits: weight loss, a trimmer figure and better physical fitness.

How do I choose the right one? The choice is huge and the prices vary (from £200 to £2000) because there's a lot of choice and varying quality. The ideal model would be with an adjustable incline, a reasonablly sized running area, a motor with 2 hp, and a multi-function display. The icing on the cake is if it's also fairly quiet and absorbs impact well.

How often should I use it? At least 30 minutes per day (or at the least, every other day), inding the rhythm that suits you and what you want to achieve (fitness, weight loss, etc). The essential thing to remember with this machine is that it's not about difficulty but duration and frequency.

DKN treadmill, £1000.


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