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Ab cruncher

Ab cruncher

What does it do? This odd-looking accessory makes it easy to work on abdominal muscles. It lets you work on your abs without hurting your back, head or neck. Result: you can do more for longer!

How do I choose the right one? Preferably, go for a model equipped with a protection mat to protect your back, and a neck-rest to ensure optimum comfort and stop you from getting the exercises wrong. For practicality, opt for a a folding model.

How often should I use it? To obtain abs of steel, go for short sessions every day rather than doing vigorous workouts every now and then. Make sure you breathe in and out deeply. Don't be afraid to keep going until you get cramping in your stomach: the more it burns, the more abdominal fat you're busting!

Weider Ultimate Ab Cruncher, £39.99.


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