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How to sleep well when feeling under the weather
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Food and drink that can help


 - Food and drink that can help
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Warm drinks containing honey, soothing ginger and lemon are excellent for alleviating sore throat symptoms and relieving coughs.

Try herbal teas
For a quick and easy herbal tea recipe to prepare your body for sleep, Campana recommends mixing a bag of peppermint and a bag of camomile together for a strong effective tea.

Bedtime snacks
By making small changes to what we eat before bedtime we can naturally ready our bodies for sleep according to nutritional therapist Marissa-Catherine Carrarini. “To help with sleeping, it is really important to have a little protein snack as this will help balance blood sugars and also induces sleep such as bananas, nuts and seeds,” she says.

Change your dinner time habits
“When considering what to eat for your main dinner meal, try adding a food that contains tryptophan which is an amino acid that can be found in turkey, chicken, and beans - this really helps in promoting sleep. Even if you are feeling exhausted and your appetite is affected, just by eating even a small amount of foods containing tryptophan can really help with sleep.”


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