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How to sleep well when feeling under the weather
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As we prepare to battle against the cold and cough infection lurking in our bodies, we often have a scattergun approach to selecting over the counter medication - simply grabbing a range of medicinal aids off the shelf and hoping they will do the trick. Here are some expert recommendations.

Ask your pharmacist for advice
First and foremost, talk to your pharmacist about your symptoms. “The pharmacist can then determine the best medicine for you and that may not be the one that is out on the shelf," says Malhi.

"For example, if you have pain when coughing, you may need medication with a painkiller, if you have a runny nose, one that has decongestant. If you are still struggling to sleep, you can buy cough medicine with antihistamines to help with relaxation so you are more likely to fall asleep and stay asleep."

Dr. Hicks recommends the Covonia range which he has generally found to be very effective. For advice on which product from the range is best to effectively manage your cold and cough, you can also check out www.whatcough.co.uk to identify your symptoms.

Try herbal remedies
For those seeking an effective herbal remedy to reduce their cold and cough symptoms, Campana says: “The number one treatment I recommend is Elderberry Syrup as if you already have a cold or flu - it shortens the lifespan of the virus. The reason it works is because elderberry is a natural source rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C. It may not help directly with sleep problems, but it will certainly reduce the cold symptoms which do affect sleep.”


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