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How to sleep well when feeling under the weather
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Preparing for a good night's sleep


 - Preparing for a good night's sleep
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Attempting to sleep well while suffering from colds and coughs can be a deeply frustrating experience.

Your nose is blocked, that pesky cough will not subside, you can’t get comfortable and struggle to find the right temperature as you constantly jump from feeling too hot to shivering cold.

So, how can you make yourself more comfortable? How can you get your body relaxed and ready for sleep? Here are some helpful tips from the experts:

Add an extra pillow
'Try putting an extra pillow under your head. If you have a chesty cough it helps to stop the fluid sitting on your lungs,' says Pharmacist Ajit Malhi.

Use nasal strips
Malhi also recommends nasal strips to help your breathe: 'Use nasal strips to help open up your nostrils. These strips really help if someone has a runny or blocked nose and they are struggling to breathe at night and struggling to sleep.'

Steam inhalation
'Also using steam inhalation just before you go to bed breaks down all the phlegm and catarrh in your sinuses and chest which helps to clear the airways before you go to sleep.' says Malhi.

Elevate your head
If you have back or neck problems, try this alternative tip for elevating your head, instead of adding another pillow. Dr. Hicks advises propping the bed up a little: 'If you put a couple of books or bricks under the head of the bed, that can help any mucus secretions from the nose drain properly rather than hanging around in the back of the throat causing a cough.'

Take a hot bath
Naturopath and herbalist Lisa Campana says, “Take a hot bath before bed and add a few drops of thyme, eucalyptus and lavender essential oils. The combination will help open your lungs and help you breathe more easily as the warmth and the steam from the bath helps with the cold symptoms and is very relaxing. You are not only helping the cold but preparing your body for sleep.”


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