How to get rid of a muffin top
Changing your diet
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Changing your diet

Exercise is important for getting rid of your muffin top, but Olga says that this only accounts for 20%, the other 80% is all about your diet.

That's because no matter how much you strengthen the muscles in that area, you still need to get rid of the fat to make your waistline slim down in size.

Sugar is particularly bad for that rim of fat around your middle. Olga recommends reducing the amount of carbohydrates and bad sugar you eat (sugar that's found in healthy food like fruit is fine) and increasing the amount of protein you have - things like lean meat and oily fish are good.

It's also good to eat little and often as this will keep your metabolism up. Having five small meals a day is better than having three large meals, and avoid carbs after lunch.

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