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How to beat stress
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What are stress factors?

The factors that cause stress in our lives - sorry for stating the obvious here!

Important events, even those that don't come as a shock, bring important changes to our lives, good or bad:

  • getting married
  • getting promoted
  • bereavement
  • divorce
  • break-ups
  • pregnancy
  • birth
  • redundancy
...just are a few examples.

There are also intense repetitive stress factors that build up, such as:

  • traffic jams
  • delays
  • all the trials of day-to-day life
  • work (overwork, demands, job instability, etc).

At work, your stress management rests on your ability to integrate with and communicate with a team.

What can we do to get rid of stress?

We have different reactions to stress, especially when we're feeing emotional or reflextive. It's up to the individual to choose stress-relief methods and tools that work for them.

If stress is caused by running things over in your head, there's not much use in trying relaxation or meditation, as neither are likely to help! In such a case, you should look at how your mind functions.

On the other hand, if stress manifests itself in physical tension and pain, you should work on your breathing and relaxation.

Generally speaking, you need to learn to get rid of negative ideas and think positively, breathe, communicate and relax physically.

You also need to make sure you lead a healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep and manage your time properly.


Sarah Horrocks
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Article Plan How to beat stress
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