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How to beat stress
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The Relational Stresser


What is Relational Stress

Relational stressers fret about their relationships with others.

When everyone makes demands on your time, you can start to lose your powers of judgment.

If you're shy, contacting other people can be tough and stressful.

Saying 'no' is Mission Impossible when you're short on self-confidence and you want to please everyone. 

When you meet new people at work or socially, you get anxious, it makes you want to hide away and makes you feel constantly under pressure.

The reactive relational stresser struggles with authority and will say yes to everything until one day it gets too much, they start to take reproaches and get so annoyed they blow their top.

This kind of person might seem like an extrovert but can prove very inhibited at times.

They can be irritable and they generate stress because they struggle to express themselves.

To overcome relational stress, it's vital you to learn to communicate better.

Relational stress checklist:

Worries about other peoples view of them
May be shy or may seem like an extrovert
Difficulty communicating
Finds it hard to say what they really mean or express real opinions
Doesn't like authority
Says yes to everything
Dislikes meeting people for the first time
Irritable, shouts, has temper tantrums



Sarah Horrocks
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