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How to beat stress
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The Emotional Stresser


What is emotional stress...

Emotional stress works on the body, storing up tension.

This kind of stress soon manifests itself throughout the body, in muscular tension in the neck and shoulders, arms and legs, knots in the stomach and lots of stressed-out sighs!

The sufferer becomes very tense, doesn't react well to humour, can cry unexpectedly at anything or get angry at innocent jokes.

Emotional stressers are incapable of taking their bodies' warning signs into account, and they can get to the point where something as inconsequential as forgetting to buy any mayonnaise can reduce them to tears when they get back from the supermarket and realize they've forgotten it. 

After such episodes, emotional stressers always return to their happy, fighting, determined selves, but they always forget how important it is to take a deep breath and let their frustrations out.

Emotional stress checklist:

Cries easily or randomly
Tired and weary
Sleeps badly
Suffers from muscular tension
Feelings of guilt
Anxiety and fear
Constant worry about other people's perception of them
Neglects health and well-being
Bottles up emotions


Sarah Horrocks
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