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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Get engrossed in the passionate tale of Jane Eyre on a long summer's afternoon.

Orphaned as a small child and mistreated by her cruel aunt and wicked cousins, Jane Eyre is sent to Lowood, a boarding school where the conditions are harsh, yet she learns from her friend Helen Burns and her teachers to control her temper and apply herself to her studies. She leaves to become a governess to the young French ward of the strange and mysterious Mr Rochester, and despite unexplained happenings at the house which lead Jane to believe a secret is being kept there, she falls in love with Rochester and he proposes. But as they say their wedding vows, an objection throws their plans into disarray and Jane is compelled to leave...

Charlotte Bronte's classic Victorian/Gothic tale of love is still as good a read now as it was in school.


Sarah Horrocks
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