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Get into something new

Get into something new

Why not mix pleasure and relaxation with discovery and try something new? If there's something you've always wanted to try, whether it's a new sport like golf or sailing, dancing, art, cookery or pretty much anything under the sun, you could go away and learn it in an exotic location! Travel agencies are offering a wider than ever variety of holidays with courses included in the package. 

Why not learn the art of gourmet cuisine in Italy or France, salsa in Cuba, tango in Argentina, oil painting in Malaysia, drawing in Morocco, yoga in India, or photography in Vietnam? 

Or why not take the opportunity to learn a new sport, get back into an old sport or just experience the novelty of a yoga retreat in Nepal?

Here are some useful websites to get you started:
UK Sporting Holidays www.splut.com/002/010-005.htm


Sarah Horrocks
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