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Depression symptoms: Natural remedies

Depression symptoms: Natural remedies


Tinctures for happiness 

Flowers could boost your mood © Thinkstock
Flowers could boost your mood © Thinkstock
If you prefer to deal with any emotional imbalances as naturally as possible then you can't get more natural than Bach's Flower Remedies.

Essentially Bach's Flower Remedies are a system of natural flower essences which claim to have therapeutic properties, balancing and restoring equilbrium.

The tinctures originate from the Bach Centre and are produced according to Dr Bach’s traditional methods, which date back over 75 years - simply place a couple of drops on your tongue to shift your mood.

While they're not an official cure to depression, there are a few essences which can be beneficial for gloomy moods. 
Wild Rose - If you have lost your drive and simply feel like you can’t be bothered, Wild Rose might help you find purpose.
Mustard – For sudden gloominess which descends out of the blue and lifts suddenly for no apparent reason. Mustard can help lift the dark cloud hovering above your head.
Gentian – For those who are easily discouraged when things go wrong or when faced with setbacks and difficulties. Unlike Mustard, there is always an identifiable cause. Gentian can help them see that no obstacle is too great and no task too daunting.
Gorse – For those who feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Gorse can help restore a sense of faith and hope despite current problems.

Bach's Flower Essences
RRP: £5.23
Available from: www.bachfloweressences.co.uk 

Instructions: Apply 2 drops directly onto the tongue or diluted in a glass of water. Repeat 4 times a day.


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