Coping with cancer: The emotional fall out
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Dealing with cancer and emotions: Support
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Dealing with cancer and emotions: Support

Sources of support
You don’t have to carry the emotional load of cancer by yourself. There are people you can talk to and places you can go to in order to find support and benefit from the shared experiences of others.

A problem shared
Support groups throughout Canada allow you to meet people who are going through the same emotions and problems that you are and can provide information and advice on how to cope with your individual situation.

If you need a little more support than what can be provided in a group situation, counselling sessions can be effective in providing insight and advice on how to cope. The Canadian Cancer Society also provides help in finding the right support services near you.

Psychiatrist referral
f you are having problems with depression, your doctor may refer you to a psychiatrist who will be able to help you. Talking therapies can be very helpful for people who are affected by cancer.

A friendly chat 
The Canadian Cancer Society's hotline has information on all types of cancer and services. The  hotline is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call 1-888 939-3333 for more information or for help.

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