Coping with cancer: The emotional fall out
Dealing with cancer and emotions: Guilt
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Dealing with cancer and emotions: Guilt

Despite caring for her mother round the clock, Anne-Marie felt guilty that she could never do enough to change her mother’s wellbeing. "Whatever I did for her I couldn’t help feeling guilty that it wasn’t enough – I was punishing myself."

Many people have feelings of guilt in these situations and it's all too easy to over-analyze and punish yourself. As Macmillan Cancer Support points out, "The cancer patient may also feel guilty about how much stress and disruption the illness is causing."

How to deal with it
Again, the power of speech comes into play when dealing with feelings of guilt. "Talking to other people may help you feel better. Don't be afraid to talk to the people close to you. Not everyone finds it easy to talk about their feelings so choose someone you trust and let them be a listening ear," advises Cancer Research UK.

A helpful tip
Online forums can be a good way to talk openly about your situation and your emotions, especially if you find it too hard to open up with those you are closest to.

The online forums on wewomen are a good place to start and for more expert advice, the Canadian Cancer Society has an online community where people can share information and experiences.

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