Coping with cancer: The emotional fall out
Dealing with cancer and emotions: Resentment
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Dealing with cancer and emotions: Resentment

When you are suffering with cancer or you're involved with someone who is it can seem like your whole life is unrecognizable as your mind becomes preoccupied with the illness and the ones you love.

Sometimes being constantly tethered to caring for someone--in either the physical or emotional sense--can foster feelings of resentment because you long for a simpler time when you used to let yourself go and do the things you all enjoyed.

If it's you who's been diagnosed you may resent the extra attention you recieve (or don't receive) as a result of your illness. If you're a caregiver, it's normal to feel resentment towards the sufferer from time to time.

How to deal with it
Macmillan Cancer Support suggest that "it may help to talk [to the cancer sufferer/carer] when things are going well between you because if you brood over feelings of resentment they tend to become magnified." By talking through your feelings you can get on the same page and stop yourself from exploding with negative anxiety, fear and frustration.

A helpful tip
Give yourself some time off from cancer, whether that means a day away from caring or being cared for by someone else if you're the sufferer.

If you're the carer, give yourself a high intensity workout or a trip to the cinema. Actively refuse to think about the c-word for one whole evening and physically take your mind away from the situation.

Pushing negative thoughts away and concentrating on the here and now will help you to feel somewhat normal again and will keep resentment at bay.

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