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Neurolink cancer therapy


What is Neurological Integration System by Neurolink®?

Neurological Integration System by Neurolink®, is based on the principle that the brain is incontrol of the entire body and its functions, communicating through a vast system of pathways which can occasionally become blocked leading to a breakdown in communication and resulting in prolonged illness or pain.

Neurolink aims to restore communication and allow your brain to identify problem areas and tell the body to begin healing or repairing.

How does NIS work?

The goal of an NIS consultation is to ensure the brain is controlling all body systems to their full potential. Each body system is checked by a muscle test (either on your arm or leg).

Practitioners will use the muscle test to identify any problems within your body and then through light touch on various pressure points enable your brain to reconnect and begin the healing process.

NIS is non-manipulative and is stress and pain-free.

What is NIS used for?

Neurolink can be used to help treatment a whole spectrum of complaints:

  • Physical
  • Pathological
  • Neurological
  • Emotional (in the context of neurological implications, not cognitive)
It is particularly effective in the treatment of fatigue and can often identify problems within the body which the sufferer was not aware of but that had been causing long term suffering. It is often used to treat motor, spinal and back problems.

Neurolink techniques can also be applied successfully to babies and to typically difficult to treat paitents with behavioural and learning difficulties.

NIS by Neurolink in cancer treatment

In cancer treatment NIS by Neurolink could be used to manage pain, fatigue, depression and help speed recovery. The therapy may help patients to manage symptoms as well as the side effects of traditional treatments.

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