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Christmas without the stress: our guide

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 - Christmas without the stress: our guide
With Christmas just around the corner, if you’re not on top of things yet, now is the time to spring, jump, crawl or drag yourself into action!
Christmas is often a really stressful time for busy ladies, with shopping to do, hellish queues to endure, gifts to wrap, dinner to cook and a family to entertain. At times it can all seem like nothing but hassle...so this year, resolve to beat the festive stress, get into the true spirit of Christmas and have a good time!

Make sure your Christmas goes smoothly with our guide. Keep everyone happy and entertained on the 25th, make sure everyone enjoys themself, and when it comes to buying presents, choose gifts that speak a thousand words. Plus find out whether you’re addicted or allergic to Christmas by taking our speedy test!




Sarah Horrocks
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