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Cancer awareness
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Cancer awareness

When you were misdiagnosed were you angry?
I think it made my Mum more angry than it made me angry because I was battling against my treatment and I didn’t need that on my plate as well. I would rather focus on getting the message across to people who need to know my story.

What is the driving force behind the CoppaFeel campaign?
I want to completely destroy the notion of age and breast cancer. There was a girl in America who died of breast cancer at the age of 11.

How is CoppaFeel getting the message across to young women?
Well we are encouraging everyone to join up to boob hijacker and start fundraising and campaigning to raise awareness and reduce the chances of late detection or misdiagnosed breast cancer.

We have 14 universities with student ambassadors who are heading up boob teams, as part of a regimented campaign. They report back every week and tell us what they’ve been doing. They love it – they think it’s a great idea.

If you could give one message to young women everywhere what would it be?
Love your boobs get to know them and love your body as well. Just get to know yourself better inside and out. Remember that cancer is not a bad word, it can be a good word too.

Anything else? 
Oh - and don’t take any shit from doctors!

Find out more at CoppaFeel's website,

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