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Kristin Hallenga is a real inspiration to all of us. Running a charity, campaigining across the country and fighting cancer at the same time  - her time is devoted to telling other young women to be more aware of their breasts. We caught up with her to find out more...

Do you think doctors won't take you as seriously if you have breast concerns in your twenties?
Everyone thinks you can't get problems when you are young. Younger women immediately think they won't have cancer but they should stop thinking that – cancer has no age limits.

Why do you think that women aren't checking their breasts?
I think that society has made out that it is a really scary thing. We only hear really bad cancer stories and if we heard more positive ones I think we would have a different perception of the word cancer. Breast cancer does not have to be scary if it is found early. It's so treatable.

Were you copping a feel before you were diagnosed?
No, if I had I think I would have known what wasn’t normal for me and would have asked the doctor to refer me the first time instead of waiting 8 months. I just believed the doctor.

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