Cancer campaigner - Kristin Hallenga

Cancer campaigner - Kristin Hallenga
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Cancer campaigner - Kristin Hallenga

Breast Cancer Awareness Month may be drawing to a close but that doesn't mean we should start silencing the C word. We caught up with Pride of Britain award winner and cancer campaigner Kristen Hallenga to find out why...

At only 23 Kristen was diagnosed with breast cancer after being misdiagnosed on two occassions. Told that her mini pill was making her boobs tender she believed, (like her doctor) that she was too young for cancer.

Eight months later, Kristen was waking up because of the pains in her breast and knew something was wrong. Finally diagnosed with breast cancer (which by then had spread to her spine) her story alone should be enough to prompt all women into 'copping a feel'.

Kristin's set up breast cancer charity CoppaFeel to raise awareness among younger women, as 'you are never too young for breast cancer'. The main message is to, quite simply, copp a feel of your boobs and get to know 'whats normal for you'. The more you know your boobs the better prepared you'll be to deal with any unfamiliar lumps or bumps.

Kristin says, 'nine times out of ten, any lumps you find are not cancer,' so whatever your concern, 'it's definately worth seeing your doctor.'

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