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Buying medication online: what are the risks?
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The counterfeit drugs market


 - The counterfeit drugs market
Interview with Prof. Pierre Costa continued.

Is the market for counterfeits expanding?
"The market for counterfeiting medication is booming! To give you an idea: six times more fake medicines have been seized at borders in the space of two years!
In 2011, in the space of 2 months, 34 million fake medicines were seized! The market really is profitable. It's estimated that last year, global sales of counterfeit medication reached $75 billion."
What advice would you give?
"If you have to take medication of some form, here's my advice:
> You're better off paying the full price and buying real medication from the pharmacy. Your health and maybe your life are at stake.
> Always ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice if you have any doubts. If a particular medication seems suspicious (packaging, effectiveness, unusual side effects), you must report it.
> Never buy prescription medication if it hasn't been prescribed to you.
> Forget about the Internet when it comes to medicines."


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