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Buying medication online: what are the risks?
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Dangers of buying medication online


 - Dangers of buying medication online

Interview with Prof. Pierre Costa continued.

Why do so many people have enough trust to buy medication online?
According to a 2009 Nunwood study, 83% of people questioned had no doubts about the authenticity of medication bought online. In fact, even counterfeits can trick the professionals as the boxes and packaging are absolutely identical to the originals.

Pills can be imitated so well that you'd need to be a specialist to realize they're fakes: by looking extremely closely, you can see that the engraved name of the product is sometimes engraved too deeply... But if you place a real and a fake product next to each other, it's practically impossible to tell them apart."

Why is there such a danger?
"The dangers are real: people have died after consuming medication bought on the Internet. While it's difficult to differentiate between the real ones and the fake ones with the naked eye, analysis of the product reveals some frightening things.For example, rat poison, boric acid and lead-based paint have all been found in simple Viagra® pills

Sometimes, the main active ingredient of the medication is there but in too low or too high a quantity. For example, antidiabetic drugs containing six times the normal dose of glibenclamide have been found. Unlike bad quality drugs which can be found in some countries, these counterfeits are produced with the aim of deceiving those who buy them.

As well as that, these fakes are produced in places with inexistant levels of hygiene: on the ground, in bowls, etc. The producers' main concern isn't what goes in the medication, but what it looks like on the outside."


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