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Buying medication online: what are the risks?
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Reasons for the success of online medication sales


Prof. Pierre Costa - DR - Reasons for the success of online medication sales
Prof. Pierre Costa - DR
Interview with Prof. Pierre Costa, head of urology at Nîmes public hospital.

Why is the online sale of medication to improve one's sex life so successful?
"It's not always easy for a man to speak to his doctor, especially so if he's going through a period of recurrent erection problems, for example, or if he's suffering from erectile dysfunction.
And when you know that you can buy almost anything on the Internet, the reflex can be to buy online: it's discreet, nobody knows about it and it's cheap!"
And the cost of medication is a factor too?
"E-commerce is working incredibly well. You can do your grocery shopping online now, you can buy and sell items, and overall, it's very safe. And this leads people to think that buying medication online is just like buying a new oven online, except that it's not because the distribution networks aren't the same at all!"


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