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Buying medication online: what are the risks?
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Poll results: buying medication online


Survey results:
Q1 - Have you already bought medication online?
Yes, I do so regularly
0 %
Yes but it's rare that I do
0 %
No, but I'm hesitating about whether to
0 %
No, never. It's too risky
100 %
Q2 - Which types of medication would you like to buy online (or have you already bought online)?
My usual prescription
0 %
Anti-ageing pills
0 %
Slimming pills
0 %
Stimulating products
0 %
Medication to improve my sex life
0 %
None of the above
100 %
Q3 - Do you trust websites that sell medication online?
Yes, I tend to trust them
0 %
I'm not sure, I'm sceptical
0 %
No, not at all!
100 %



Poll results
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