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Breast reconstruction: what are the options?

What does breast reconstruction involve?


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It is not a procedure for everyone. Martin Ledwick RN, Head Information Nurse, Cancer Research UK says:
'Women voice a number of different concerns about breast reconstruction. For some they wonder if their breasts will look the same following the surgery, for others there are concerns about not wanting to feel pressurized into having reconstruction.  It is important to remember that the decision has to be made by each individual woman, and there is no one answer for everyone.'

There are different types of reconstruction, using tissue from different parts of the body, but whichever surgery is considered most suitable, it’s a long, complicated and quite painful operation, requiring 6-8 weeks rest.

The result may need further work and will never exactly match your other breast. Scarring is worse if you leave reconstruction until after cancer treatment and this can lead to disappointment.
However, having reconstruction does not make detecting a new cancer more difficult or affect treatment and for many women it makes all the difference to how they feel about themselves.


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