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Breast reconstruction: what are the options?

The verdict


© Breast reconstruction - The verdict
© Breast reconstruction

For me the process has been a real success, but some results were unexpected. Muscle from my back was brought round to the front and as I hadn’t been warned that my brain would take time to register the change, touching my breast and feeling the sensation under my shoulder blade was peculiar. Later, the medical tattooist offered me a wide range of colours to choose from for the areola to my reconstructed nipple. Apparently one woman has opted for green...
It has been a long haul, but now, when I lay down to sleep at night, with light coming in through the curtains highlighting me in silhouette I look down the length of my body and once again see two rounded bumps, and for me that makes any discomfort I have gone through over the past year worth it.
Suzie Grogan
Michele and Esther are supporting Cancer Research UK’s breast cancer awareness campaign, Join the Fight.

Images by permission of Cancer Research UK and Michele and Esther


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