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Bootcamp For Boobs: How To Firm Up Your Frontline
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A-list celebrity trainer Efua Baker devised this three-minute exercise regime to target the various muscle groups beneath the boobs. The exercises are designed to get the underlying muscle tissue to stand up and pull its weight. The muscles targeted are the pectorals, including pectoralis major and minor. The biceps, triceps, deltoids, rhomboids and latissmus dorsi are also given a workout and the exercises are also designed to improve posture.

I must confess to being more than a little skeptical of what difference rubbing a little cream onto my boobs and combining this with a quick three-minute flash of daily exercise would achieve. I found the exercises effective - I could definitely feel and see a positive difference. After three days I could feel improvements from the exercises with my arms immediately beginning to tone, much to my delight. My crucial end of challenge goal was to pass the pencil test, which I now do with flying colours. My boobs now also point firmly north even when I'm not wearing a bra. While I can't be certain what impact the creams actually had, I am convinced that the exercises yield results.

Bootcamp For Boobs Kit costs £63.50 with free shipping available via www.mamamio.co.uk


Julie Penfold
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