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Bootcamp For Boobs: How To Firm Up Your Frontline
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When it comes to our breasts, we like to make the most of our assets and pride ourselves on our treasured chest pillows looking good and standing to attention. Inevitably, nature throws many obstacles in our way: the lure of gravity is exacerbated by yo-yo dieting, pregnancy and aging so inevitably our once pert breasts will start the decline south. I decided to put my sagging frontline into the metaphorical
hands of Mama Mio’s 30-Day Bootcamp for Boobs Challenge.

The idea behind Mama Mio’s Bootcamp for Boobs is to combine skincare with a daily exercise regime. After the 30-day challenge, breasts should be firmer, fuller and regain that plumped-up appearance loved by all. Obviously there is no way this can possibly increase your cup size, but the creams together with the exercise claims to work in combination: the creams firm and tighten the skin around your chest, while the exercises are designed to work out key muscles to maximum effect.

Each day begins with the application of two creams - the Tummy Toner and the Boob Tube. Now you might well wonder how a stomach cream could possibly impact upon your chest area and the explanation is quite interesting - you don't actually put the cream on your tummy! The Tummy Toner was originally a product aimed at pregnant women to help prevent stretch marks. Its results were so positive that the manufacturers decided to incorporate it into the Bootcamp for Boobs.


Julie Penfold
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