How to deal with depression without medication

How to deal with depression without medication
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How to deal with depression without medication

How to deal with depression without medication 

It is a common misconception that there is no cure for depression or that the only way out is through heavy medication. Seeing as 1 in 10 Canadians will suffer from depression during their lifetime, we thought we'd find out what options are available.

In fact people suffering from depression can overcome it in a number of alternative ways - anti-depressants are not the only option!

Obviously if you think you have depression, your doctor should always be the first point of call, but as well as prescription medication, there are other ways that are proven to help.

Caroline Carr, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist, says dealing with depression can be very subjective and after going to your doctor there are things you can do yourself to help without medication.
“It’s no good saying one hat fits all you have to look at this holistically. We still don’t fully understand it so it’s worth looking at depression with an open mind.”

We spoke to the experts and sufferers of depression alike to see what you can do to recover more quickly.

It might sound simple but little things like diet and exercise can be the boost that you need, so as well as seeing your doctor, check out these natural ways how to deal with depression.

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