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How to beat stress | Be calm this Christmas
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Great expectations


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© DIGITAL VISION / Jupiterimages
Make list of things your grateful for

"Ask yourself how I would behave differently if I gave-up all expectations of Christmas and New Year?' Says Greaves.

"Would you stop trying to control events, plan less, and worry less?

"How different would your life feel?

"Replace any ‘I want’ thoughts with ‘I wonder’ thoughts, as when we want, were making a demand, when we wonder, were making a small shift in to curiosity rather than expectation.

"Try and focus-on being grateful for what you have in your life, rather than what you don’t."

Dr. McCollough of Dallas University and Dr. Emmons from University of California, conducted a study that showed making a daily list of  things you are grateful of, dissolved disappointment and raised your levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism and energy.’


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