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You Wear These 9 Pieces of Clothing That Threaten Your Health Every Day

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on July 6, 2015

We should perhaps review our wardrobe because, without knowing it, we wear clothes and accessories every day that are harmful to our long-term health. Even if you would rather not hear this, it's better to choose health over appearance!

The Wrong-Sized Bras

Too small or too large can cause problems. When a bra is too small, it can distort the breasts and cause pressure at the level of the collarbone. A bra too large causes the neck to bear the weight of the breasts, which can lead to back problems. It's better to not take risks and to find THE bra size for you.

Oversized Bags

Practical, since they allow us to transport the entirety of our accessories and things we may need at any time, oversized bags are helpful. However, your tired shoulder has already warned you: they're very bad for the back! A heavy bag worn over the shoulder causes tension and stress in this area of the body. Try a smaller bag – your body will thank you!


If they are made of lycra and they fit closely to the body, there is no problem. However, a tight girdle (especially if it is reinforced with metal rods) can cause muscle pains, itching, and even hurt the spine.


Halter bathing suits, tops, and dresses are very pretty and sexy. However, they have the effect of resting the weight of the breasts on the neck, causing muscle tension and poor posture in the long term. Wear them in moderation!

Oversized Necklaces

The latest accessory: the enormous metal collar. No need to rack your brains to determine whether its weight might be bad for you! Back and neck tensions are likely to appear thanks to this gem. Better to opt for an ultra-light necklace!


We love them and they have been a part of our wardrobe for a long time, but we must face the facts: ballerinas are bad friends. The foot rests directly on the floor, which gradually destroys the heel. The thin plastic layer between the ball of the foot and the floor is not very helpful! It's best to avoid flats when walking a lot in a day.

High Heels

You already know, but we have to remind you: high heels hurt you! And not just because of blisters! When worn too often, they can cause corns or calluses on the foot and can even hurt the calves and back. Better to wear them in moderation: no more than 3 times a week.

Fitted Skirts

The legs bound together and the movements restricted by tight fabric are such that the body's muscles work against their nature. Combined with heels, the situation becomes even worse! Although a tight skirt causes no problem as such, you will find it impossible to react if you have to move quickly.

Skinny Jeans

The pressure between the thighs and hips means that we walk abnormally in skinny jeans. This can have long-term consequences. Also, because of the tight fabric, they irritate and dry the skin and can even cause urinary tract infections and other small inconveniences not particularly glamorous. Do we need to add to our problems?

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