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6 easy ways to avoid packing on the pounds this Holiday Season

by Marie-Sarah Published on December 7, 2015

With all the yummy food and cocktails served at office parties, gift exchanges and family gatherings, December is the worst enemy of every woman who’s watching her figure! There’s certainly no shortage of face-stuffing opportunities this time of year, but if you exercise regularly, it would be a shame to let all that hard work go down the tubes. These six tricks are a sure way to stick to your fitness goals!

Offer to cook

Having people over may be more work but it also lets you control the menu. There’s no reason why you can’t turn holiday classics into equally delicious low-cal versions by using your own creativity or preparing healthy alternatives you found online.

Pack a lunch if you’re travelling

If you have to drive a fair distance to get to your family’s house, you’ll have to stop along the way to eat but if you make your own lunch, not only will you save time, but you’ll avoid eating at one of the many fast food joints that line our highways.

Lose a few pounds beforehand

If you’ve been down this road before and know there’s no way to avoid gaining a few pounds during the Holidays, why not lose a few now to compensate? Don’t starve yourself. Just work out a little more and watch what you eat while you still can.

Don’t stop going to the gym

Think of going to the gym as an important meeting that you just can’t cancel. And if you’re going out of town to visit relatives, your fitness centre may have a branch there. Just call them to ask if your membership privileges extend to other cities.

Limit your alcohol consumption

This one is important not just because alcohol contains a lot of calories, but because it lowers your inhibitions and makes you eat even more!

Keep your eye on the prize when temptation sets in

Try to walk into each party with a sense of determination. Look for the healthier dishes and snacks, and walk right past all the high-fat, high-calorie stuff. You don’t have to tell everyone you’re watching your weight. The only one who needs to know that is you!

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