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6 Benefits That Attest to Why You Should Try Meditation

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on July 6, 2015

The virtues of meditation are well established, but it sometimes remains mired in preconceived notions. It is not about shutting out the world and sitting for hours emptying the mind! Rather, meditative practice looks to connect to the world and to the body while developing our ability to concentrate, which can improve our performance. Meditation has a positive impact on...

Stress and Negative Thinking

Meditation brings us into the moment. That way, its adepts considerably reduce their stress levels that come from projections of what might go wrong. Knowing how to manage and reduce that stress can make a big difference in your job or daily challenges. Meditation also helps to better manage failures and to detach from negative thoughts so that we can regroup and try again to achieve your objectives. Even people prone to high psychological distress seem to experience these benefits!


Meditation helps to improve your memory since it is a kind of training program for the mind. When the mind is troubled by parasitical thoughts or simply feels overwhelmed, it is more difficult to concentrate and thus to retain certain things in the short and long term. When practised regularly, meditation can increase cognitive abilities. Using meditation techniques opens the mind and allows the memory to improve. You will see for yourself that you will remember things that you didn't before.

Pain Management

Meditation can be a big help for people who suffer from chronic pain. It allows the sufferer to observe the pain to better relieve it. Meditation helps the brain to “organize” better to fight the pain. Indeed, meditating allows us to connect to the body and to be aware of the sensations and signals it emits. Being conscious of your breathing – able to follow and to control it, as well as being aware of tensions and able to relax them allows you to better know yourself, to listen more carefully and thus take better care of your body.


For many of us daily is chaotic: family life, work, financial problems, studies ... areas where the human being is constantly searching for recognition. It is our perception of events that allows us to be happy or not. While being happy does not depend on the circumstances, but rather on how we understand them, all the same, achieving happiness is easier for some than for others. Happiness is a quest that requires that we work on ourselves every day in order to step back from our daily worries and problems: meditation contributes to that process.


There is no need to meditate for hours; a daily session of 15 to 20 minutes is sufficient to allow us to feel the benefits. Learning to live in the moment and to think only of one thing at a time teaches us to focus on the task at hand and thus to be more efficient. Meditation also can help with visualization, reaching a goal, developing or performing something by imagining yourself doing it.


Often, insomnia is the result of “thinking too much.” We tend to experience a number of negative thoughts throughout the day. Being aware of them, and learning to identify their appearance, helps us to avoid their negative effects. All the advantages mentioned above – reduced stress, improved concentration, being better attuned to our bodies – inevitably lead to improved sleep, which is essential to be more efficient in everyday life.

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by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard

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