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30 ways to beat the winter blues
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Stay positive in winter


 - Stay positive in winter
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If your budget won't stretch to a trip to sunnier climes, the next best thing is find alternative ways of injecting a bit of sunshine into your life...

27. "I light peach scented candles when I get home to give the house a Mediterranean feel, and imagine myself in a vineyard in the Riviera." Helen, 28

28. "Listen to modern jazz like Bossa Nova to escape the grizzle!" Leah, 31

29. "Whenever it's not raining, I get the barbecue out and cook up fresh fish, meat and veg kebabs. My neighbours think I'm crackers, but we pretend it's sunny August and it always lifts everyone's spirits." Elaine

30. "I do as much spicy cooking as I can, adding curry spice and saffron to all my recipes. Sometimes just the smell of spicy food is enough to transport you away from the British winter to sun-baked markets in faraway countries..." Marie, 41


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