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Quiz: What's your style of honeymoon?

Original honeymoon


You love: The lap of luxury! You want your honeymoon to be an unforgettable experience that has it all: rest, comfort, wellbeing and discovery, and a total change of scenery. You'd hate to follow the crowd and cross paths with other newlyweds, so grant yourself the luxury of first class travel to make your journey as plush as your destination.
> Hot destinations: For a bit of romance on the rails, step into Agatha Christie's shoes and take a trip back in time on board the Orient Express, the Trans Siberian Express, or other luxurious train routes through Canada or Africa. A cruise in the South Pacific or the Caribbean would appeal to you too. If you can't decide, why not go for a round-the-world trip?!
> On a budget? Stay closer to home and take a train tour through Scotland, or hire your own barge and explore the British waterways, treating yourself to one special night in a luxury hotel. 
Tip: Plan carefully. Some trips and routes only run at certain times of the year, for groups only, with set itineraries...and the sometimes heavy organization can be oppressive if you're free-spirited travellers and prefer to go wherever the wind carries you. 



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