How to choose a wedding photographer
Looking after your photographer

Looking after your photographer

Looking after your wedding photographer

On top of the fee you'll pay your wedding photographer for your piccies, you also have to consider the cost of looking after them all day. After all the photographer isn't just a very important contractor - they're another mouth of feed on the day.

How you treat your photographer may well have an influence over the end product. A well fed and happy photographer is more likely to get brilliant shots than a half starved and grumpy one.

"Take care of your photographer" advises Marotrana at Pink Objectif photography, "They're often with you for several hours before and after the ceremony... ensure beforehand, that they'll be able to quench their thirst and have lunch and a proper diner - not just a sandwich."

Also consider if you'll need to provide a hotel room if your venue is very far away or you expect them to stay very late in the evening.

It all adds to the cost so consider carefully, just how long you expect them to stay and what they need in terms of sustenance throughout the day.

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