How to choose a wedding photographer
Choosing the photos you want

Choosing the photos you want

What do you want photos of?

It's important to have this discussion well before you walk down the aisle. Agreeing on a "must take" shots list avoids disappointment later.

This isn't the same as trying to tell them how to take the shots but rather giving them an idea of who and what you want to focus on.

Traditional posed shots are normally assorted shots of Bride & Groom plus family members, friends, groomsmen and bridesmaids. And of course the all important "EVERYONE!!" shot.

To ensure you get the best out of our wedding photographer you can follow these few simple guidelines from Paris-based wedding photographer Séverine Martorana of Pink Objectif Photographer:

Get the most from your photographs

1. Live in the moment, enjoy your day - don't pay any attention to the lens of the camera.
2. Have perfect confidence and trust in your photographer.
3. Pre-warn your guests not to take photos while the official photographer is at work at notable times (for example during the ceremony) - your photographer needs to have access to the best angles and shots to get you the optimum results.

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