How to choose a wedding photographer
Wedding photography prices

Wedding photography prices

Wedding photography prices

A wedding photographer can cost from as little as a few hundred pounds to as much as £5,000+.

Naturally the more awards and accrediations a photographer has the more the cost rises but you may also find their prices include all sorts of things you don't necessarily want or need so their may be room for negotiation.

"If you don't want to deprive yourself of having an amazing wedding photographer then ask if you can spread out the payments" advises Séverine Martorana of Pink Objectif. "You'll give your budget some breathing space and still have excellent wedding photography."

"My prices start at £1,400" says Tami Curtis of Anthology, "that includes a whole day of photography, evolving the photographs and one canvas print."

Curtis found many of her clients would choose to have a disc of images to keep costs down only to put it away and forget about it:

"A canvas allows them to walk away with something tangible. If these discs get corrupted and they've got no legacy plan in place - that's it. there's no record of the wedding anymore."

When choosing a wedding photographer the most important discussion to have upfront is what their fees cover. Little Jewel Weddings advises us to ask these key questions:

Questions on cost
  1. Will the photographer be there from the bridal preparations right through to the first dance?
  2. Will you be charged more if the wedding day over runs in terms of timing?
  3. Does the cost include an album or any prints? If not, are they able to offer albums at an additional cost?
  4. Will you be able to have all the digital images on disc - not just the retouched or "chosen" ones? If not, how many prints are covered in the cost?
  5. Will the photographer provide an online gallery for you?
  6. How long after the wedding will the images be ready for you to view?
  7. Do you have the right to reprint the images if you want?
  8. Do they charge extra for travel and expenses?

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