How to choose a wedding photographer
Choosing your style of wedding photography

Choosing your style of wedding photography

Match the style you want with the photographer you choose

"Never try and tell a wedding photographer how you want the photos to look!" says AG|WPJA accredited photographer Tami Curtis, of Anthology Weddings. "Check their portfolios and websites in advance and choose a photographer based on their style."

Spend some time online checking out a variety of different photographers and you'll get a feeling for the different approches they all have.

On top of the traditional posed photographs of key "moments" (rings, cake cutting, etc) there's should be unposed reportage photos of your guests and your celebratrion.

"I like to capture the whole day as it unfolds naturally" says Curtis, "and then I work on about ten photos to create really iconic art print images."

This approach takes slightly longer but you do come away with some truly special artistic shots which you will treasure forever as works of art rather than just wedding photos.

Little Jewel Weddings suggest working to the following checklist to identify what's right for you:

Questions to ask yourself
  1. Do you want quite traditional, posed photographs? Do you prefer more reportage, candid images?  Or would you like a combination of both and if so what ratio?
  2. Are you interested in artistic poses and angles?
  3. If you’re confident that your photographer can offer the style of photography that you like then ask to see some further examples of their work.
  4. Make sure you get to see an entire wedding from start to finish rather than just a handful of images from different weddings.
  5. Do the pictures tell the story of the day? Do you feel like you were there?
  6. Is it the right ratio of posed pictures versus reportage?
  7. Do you want your images retouched or worked on after the day?

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